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1. Where do I register to vote?
2. Where can I buy a park permit, hunting, or fishing license?
3. How do I file for a homestead tax refund?
4. What information do I need to file for your Homestead Tax Refund?
5. How do I find out who owns a certain piece of property?
6. Who do I talk to about the valuation of my property?
7. How do I protest my property valuation?
8. How do I get information on real estate?
9. Who do I talk to concerning how levies are set?
10. Where do I get a road-crossing permit?
11. Where do I find out what it costs to file a document?
12. Where do I find out what my traffic ticket costs or my court date?
13. How do I get a marriage license?
14. How do I get a copy of a birth, marriage, or death certificate?
15. How do I register a boat?
16. I just started a new business, what do I need to do?