What items can I bring to the landfill?
These are separate locations for all vehicles. Items include:
  • Appliances/Metal

  • - Refrigerators, microwaves, dryers, washers,all metal products
  • Brush

  • Anything under 24inches in diameter and under 15ft long on tree stumps, (NO household trash or home lumber allowed)
  • Compost

  • Absolutely NO trash in compost! ( Acceptable waste is Grass clippings,Leaves)
  • Construction and Demolition

  • Fencing, treated and untreated wood, roofing, wood shake shingles, siding, asphalt, windows, house demolitions/remodels, tile, concrete (we also have a concrete pile for clean concrete only), stumps over 24inches in diameter,
    NOT accepted in Demo: NO household trash, cups, pop bottles, tar buckets, caulking tubes, paint cans, tires
  • Municipal Solid Waste (Trash)

  • All household trash, toys, tv's, furniture
  • Tires

Businesses will be charged per ton for tires brought out from the business!
You may also bring out your old car batteries.

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1. What items can I bring to the landfill?
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