What if I think I have already paid these taxes?
You will need to contact the Reno County Treasurer’s Office at 620-694-2938.

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1. What is the responsibility of the Reno County Sheriff’s Office in collecting personal property delinquent taxes?
2. What kinds of property would these taxes include?
3. I did not receive a tax notice from Reno County in November.
4. What if I think I have already paid these taxes?
5. Why is the delinquent tax bill more then it was in November?
6. What if I've previously sold the property and don’t believe I owe the delinquent tax?
7. What if these taxes are not mine, they are my son’s, daughter’s, etc.?
8. What form of payment is required to pay the delinquent tax?
9. Where can I pay my delinquent personal property tax?
10. Can I make a partial payment?
11. Will I be able to renew my vehicle tags if my delinquent personal property taxes are not paid in full?
12. If I still have questions, what number do I call?