What happens to a document when it is brought to the register of deeds?
There are a number of steps that are taken when a document is brought or mailed in to be recorded before it is mailed back to the concerned party. The document is first examined for obvious errors and recordability and the correct fee for recording is ascertained. Then the filing stamp is placed on the document that contains the time, date, and amount of filing fee.

If the document is a mortgage, a mortgage stamp is affixed giving the amount of indebtedness and the mortgage tax on that indebtedness. Then a book and page is placed on the document. It is then indexed in the proper land record and then the information is put in the computer. Each morning, the preceding day's recording is scanned for the permanent record.

The recording fees are set by law, which is now $8 for the first page plus $4 for each additional page. Before a mortgage is recorded, a mortgage registration fee of $.26 per $100 of indebtedness is required to be paid. A release or assignment of mortgage is $7 plus $2 each additional. Plats of new additions to the city or county are $20.

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