After the sale, what happens prior to the sheriff's office issuing a deed for the property?
After the sale, the following events occur prior to the issuance of a Sheriff's Deed:

  1. After the sale, the attorney of record with the clerk of the district court files a Return of Service on the Order of Sale.

  2. The clerk of the district court will give a receipt to the winning bidder.

  3. An order confirming the sale will be generated, usually by the plaintiff's attorney and signed by a judge. The orders may contain a redemption period that is generally 90 days in length (although longer and shorter periods of time may be specified by the court). Redemption rights can also be extinguished altogether upon order of the court.

  4. Following the receipt of the order confirming the sale, the sheriff's office will sign a Certificate of Purchase, which states the name, the length of the redemption period (if any), and the amount bid by the winning bidder. These documents will be sent to the plaintiff's attorney unless the winning bidder is a third party, in which case the Certificate of Purchase will be given directly to them.

  5. At the end of the redemption period, the attorney of record will send the deed to the Reno County Sheriff's Office or the individual.

  6. Following the receipt of the original copy of the Certificate of Purchase by the sheriff's office, a Sheriff's Deed will be signed and given / mailed to the winning bidder.

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