High Wind Policy

Reno County Solid Waste has developed procedures that provide a maximum benefit to citizens of Reno County, but in instances as high wind days and warnings posted in advance the Reno County Solid Waste Department reserves the right to turn away all customers of municipal solid waste, construction/demolition waste material and any other potentially airborne solid wastes when:

  1. There is a sustained wind speed above 45 miles per hour
  2. There are wind gusts above 50-55 miles per hour
  3. Before a forecasted wind of sustained 45 miles per hour or above arrives

When the decision to close operations to the public is made, the gate will be closed at the discretion of the landfill. Customers currently weighed-in will be allowed to dump, but all others will be turned away and asked to leave the property.

Notifications of closure will be made immediately to affected customers, those haulers using the landfill on a regular basis through the media, by phone, and on social media sites within two hours of the decision/closing the gates. 

Landfill staff will work diligently to cover the open disposal area as well as possible to keep trash and other debris from becoming airborne.

Reopening of the landfill will be scheduled when the high winds have ended. If the landfill remains closed through the end of the business day, efforts will be made to open the landfill one half hour early the next business morning. 

Operational decisions at the site are made by the Reno County Solid Waste Director and in his or her absence by landfill staff in consultation with the Reno County Administrator.