3 to 5 BOCC Expansion

The Reno County Commission is considering a Resolution that would allow all voters in the County to have a say whether to have five (5) elected commissioners compared with the current three (3) member governing body. 

If the Resolution is passed, the question would be placed on November’s general election ballot. If approved by the voters, the three current commissioners would remain in office, while an additional two commissioners would be elected by residents of the two new districts at either the next regularly scheduled election or a special election.

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  • The boundaries for the five member commission would allow for more opportunities to have county-wide representation. 
  • Based on current pay for commissioners, the increased cost for 2 members would be a total of $45,000. This number is based on salaries of $36,000 total ($18,000 each), benefits/taxes in the amount of $6,000 ($3,000 each) and an estimated $3,000 in offices supplies and training. 
  • A minimum of 3 members (majority of the five member board) to pass the annual budget, approve weekly expenditures, and pass county-wide policy issues. This is compared with the current majority of two members needed to make decisions for the county.

The Commissioners have narrowed down the redistricting options to three (3). See the maps here: https://arcg.is/09K9ub