Frequently Asked Questions

The Sheriff’s Office is located in the courthouse lower level. When you come down, you will need to pick up the phone for assistance.

  1. I need to make a report.
    Non-Emergency Dispatch number is 620-694-2800.
  2. Do you do fingerprints for licenses? (i.e. insurance, medical, teaching, etc.)
    Sheriff’s Office only fingerprints for Conceal Carry. All other License or fingerprint needs will be through Hutchinson Police Department.
  3. What is the Jail’s (Reno County Correctional Facility) Phone Number?
    The Reno County Correctional Facility number is 620-694-2741. Follow the prompts to get you where you need regarding inmates or Correctional Care needs.
  4. I need a PFA or service of a PFA.
    Initial PFA process starts at Brighthouse Domestic Violence Center. Their address is:
        335 N Washington, Number 240
        Hutchinson, KS 67501
    Their phone number is 620-665-3630 and their crisis line is 360-663-2522. They will be able to get you started.
  5. I need court papers served for summons, PFA, eviction notices, etc.
    Service or papers is done through Civil Process. If you would like an update, please call 620-694-2511. They are located on the second floor of the courthouse for walk-in needs and service.
  6. I need to call in a controlled burn, who do I notify?
    Controlled Burns will be called into the Non-Emergency Dispatch at 620-694-2800. They will also be able to advise you if you are able to burn that day.
  7. I have property that the Deputy took pertaining to a case and the court has release that property. How do I get my belongings back?
    If you have evidence that the Judge has stated can be released, you will need that paperwork. Next time you call the Sheriff’s Office with the case number and Deputies name, they will be notified, as well as verify with the courts, that the case is completed and the property is no longer needed. The Deputy, or Law Enforcement personnel, will then inform Evidence and call you back to let you know when it’s able to be picked up.
  8. Who do I contact in regards to conceal carry classes and fees?
    Conceal Carry questions can be directed to the Offender Registration Office at the Sheriff’s Department. It is located on the first floor and their phone number is 620-694-1752.
  9. I need to pay my Property Tax or have a question in regards to my property tax. Who do I contact?
    Property tax questions are done through Civil Process which is located on the second floor of the courthouse and can be reached at 620-694-2511.
  10. I was in an accident and need a copy of the report for my insurance.
    If you are need a copy of a Police or Case report for insurance claims, you will need to contact the Records department at 620-694-2837.