Building Development - Houses, Garages, Shops, Lot Splits, Buying Land

The Environmental Health section is involved in the planning and zoning process with regards to building permits for new (PDF) and existing lots (PDF), lot splits (PDF), special exceptions (PDF), and subdivision development (PDF). Our role is to evaluate the property from an environmental aspect, specifically to the placement and reserve areas for private wells and wastewater system. This assessment (PDF) if very informative to the owner and the planning process and will give some insight to the lots limitations. Owners are welcome to come to the office and discuss plans for a free consultation. There is a charge if staff must go to the site. We also attend hearings and submit comments to the Planning and Zoning Department as needed.

Each site and situation is unique and planning ahead is the best. An assessment (PDF) would include 2 site inspections, aerial with GPS points, and narrative of findings. A soil profile can also be completed as needed. Click on the links above, or call the environmental health staff to talk about an assessment.

To begin your assessment please fill out the Building Site Assessment Request form (PDF) here and submit it to the Environmental Health Staff.

Please also review our current payment policy located here.

Create your site plan by using Reno County Beacon. With Beacon, you will be able to view property information and create maps for your site plans.  

*The owner-applicant, with or without professional assistance, is solely responsible in determining what systems to use in meeting Reno County Code requirements. County staff may answer questions regarding code compliance and give examples or suggestions only.