Wastewater for Homeowners

How Do I Apply for a New Wastewater System?

The proper type and placement of a septic system is important for groundwater protection. There is an application that must be completed by the homeowner or contractor. If you are in a floodplain please check with the Reno County Flood Plain Manager, located in the public works section, at 620-694-2978.

Inquires or concerns maybe called in to Environmental Health Staff at 620-694-2976.

A properly installed septic system is critical to the protection of the groundwater and private wells. The following are handouts that explain the permit process for installing a waste water system:

Needing a new septic system? Complete and submit a private waste water application (PDF). Your completed application may be submitted by:

Other forms and handouts needed for the wastewater permit process: 

Educate Yourself about Septic Systems through resources found here.

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How Can I Obtain a Copy of the Sanitation Code?

What is Enhanced Treatment?

An enhanced treatment unit is any private or semi-public septic system which has been designed to improve the quality of waste water effluent by reducing total nitrogen and one or more of the following: biological oxygen demand, dissolved solids, suspended solids, phosphorus, or bacteria prior to disposal to the soil.

The sanitation code requires enhanced treatment units for lots less than 3 acres. These units also require yearly maintenance to be completed by the manufacturer representative or a licensed waste water installer. All units have an approval process prior to installation in Reno County. Below is information about enhanced treatment units and a list of licensed waste water contractors.

Educate Yourself about Enhanced Treatment through resources found here.

What Do I Need to Know About a Lagoon?

A lagoon might be an option for you to consider treating your waste water if your lot size is larger than 3.0 acres. A lagoon uses wind action; sun light treatment and maintaining appropriate water levels to achieve proper sewage treatment. Lagoons have specific construction criteria that must be met in order for the lagoon to work properly. The following is some information about lagoons:

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*The owner-applicant, with or without professional assistance, is solely responsible in determining what systems to use in meeting Reno County Code requirements. County staff may answer questions regarding code compliance and give examples or suggestions only.