Water Wells

What is the Permit Process for Drilling a New Water Well?

Below is a handout that explains the permit process for drilling a new well. A properly placed well is vital to your health and your family’s health.

If you are drilling a new well please complete and submit the Private Water Supply Application (PDF)

You may submit your completed application by:

List of Current Licensed Water Well Contractors (Link)

Where can I learn more about Private Water Wells?

Which Regulations Apply to Water Well Drillers?

The following regulations are followed by the water well driller:

How Do I Keep My Well Water Safe for Drinking?

We recommend yearly testing and disinfection of your water well. The following are educational handouts to disinfect your well and to educate yourself on the water quality and water testing:

How Do I Plug My Abandoned Well? 

An abandoned well can serve as a route for contamination to the ground water. Properly plugging of abandoned wells is critical for ground water protection. The following information from KSU extension explains how to properly plug a well and the KDHE form that needs to be completed:

Inactive Water Wells

A water well that is not presently operating, but is maintained in such a way that it can be put back in operation with minimal effort may be classified as inactive.  See the forms below and check with the appropriate Groundwater Management District in your area.  

Is There Funding To Help Construct, Refurbish or Replace My Well?

Communities United is currently running a Household Water Well System program. With this program, they are offering low interest loans to construct, refurbish, or replace individual water systems. 


*The owner-applicant, with or without professional assistance, is solely responsible in determining what systems to use in meeting Reno County Code requirements. County staff may answer questions regarding code compliance and give examples or suggestions only.