Mortgage Inspections

We provide inspection of private wells and waste water systems on the sale of homes. This is generally an agreement with the lender, buyer, or seller to have these inspection completed. Our fees are listed on the request form. Reno County does not require well and wastewater inspections for the sale of real estate in Reno County.

The health department will provide aerials, photographs, past permit history  as applicable, code violations, corrective actions.  Inspections will be above ground condition of the well and wastewater system.    A more detailed evaluation of the well or wastewater system could be completed by a licensed water well contractor or a licensed wastewater contractor accordingly.

Your completed request form may be submitted by:

  • Fax to the Environmental Section: 620-694-2901
  • Mail to the environmental staff
  • Emailed to Environmental Health Department
  • Please also review our current payment policy located here.

Where can I learn more about Private Water Wells?

Picture of Violations

watewater violations01272020_001
lagoon violations01272020_001
septic  violations01272020_001
Well not up to code 01272020_001

Disclaimer – Reno County Staff are able to evaluate each site for minimal code compliance; staff are not able to select, or provide personal input, on wastewater systems, wells, mortgage inspections, or other Environmental Health issues.