Correctional Facility

Image of Reno County Correctional Facility

Correction Division

The Reno County Corrections Facility (RCCF) was opened in August 2015. The facility is staffed by the Jail Captain, Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 5 Corporals, 32 Deputies and 7 civilian employees. The Civilian employees include an administrate assistant, two nurses, program director, kitchen crew manager, Horizons Mental Health counselor and a reentry organizer.

The facility has 4 crews that work 12-hour shifts and rotate between night and days every 3 months. Each crew has a Sergeant, Corporal, and 6 deputies. RCCF houses up to 250 inmates. 50 of those beds (34 male, 16 female) are in the work release pods. The rest of the beds are separated into 12 pods for general population. RCCF has a full kitchen to prepare and cook for the inmates and is operated by a select group of inmate workers. The same group of inmates also washes, dries, and folds all the laundry for the facility. The medical section of the Facility that includes 2 medical isolation cells, an examine room, and medication storage to accommodate inmate’s medical needs.

RCCF has a full-time programs director and conducts programs 6 days a week to include library. RCCF has been certified as a G.E.D. testing site and hosts classes to prepare inmates to test for their G.E.D.. Some of the programs offered are N.A., A.A., Peer support, G.E.D., Fatherhood initiative, Anger Management, Seeking safety and Church. The reentry organizer is a full-time employee from Horizons that helps set up appointment, job applications and housing for when inmates are released from the facility. RCCF has a licensed counselor from Horizons Mental Health that works full time to assist inmates with their mental health needs including medication appointments and continuing treatment from Horizons.



The facility response team also known as the S.T.O.R.M. team (Sheriff’s Tactical Operation Response Modicum) is RCCF’s emergency response team. It consists of 8 members spread out over the 4 crews. They are trained to handle fights, riots, suicide attempts, pod searches and other emergency situations. They are trained in the use of additional less lethal tools and tactics to maintain safety and security of the inmates and facility. 


The RCCF’s transport team or STAT (Sheriff’s Tactical Action Team) consists of the Jail Lieutenant, Jail Corporal and 4 certified deputies. The STAT team transports inmates to and from court, medical appointments, to and prison. They coordinate with the courts, prisons, and other Counties to make sure inmates make their court appearances while in custody. STAT also tracks statistics for the Sheriff and maintains the division vehicles for RCCF.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Reno County Correctional Facility is to enhance public safety by providing safe, secure, and humane confinement of those who have violated criminal law, and assisting victims of crime. Ultimately reducing offender recidivism by collaboration with local partners in adopting programs to assist inmates through teaching of life skills and preparing them for successful re-entry to society.