Local Emergency Planning Committee


In order to develop resilient communities, each county in Kansas is required to have a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), comprised of emergency response agencies, hospitals, industries, and community groups. Representatives from these disciplines come together to develop response and recovery plans for the hazards present in the community. Originally focused on chemical-related hazards, the LEPC has evolved to an all-hazards approach to public safety. Reno County has engaged citizens from many disciplines serving on the LEPC to ensure a prepared and resilient community.


Some of an LEPC's primary responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and regularly reviewing their jurisdiction's Emergency Operations Plan, as well as coordinating training exercises for stakeholders on the Plan
  • Collecting information on hazardous materials stored throughout the county
  • Analyzing potential risks to the community
  • Promoting the community right-to-know law to the public and provide educational materials / resources to the community

Information Accessibility

The LEPC makes information regarding hazardous chemicals stored in the community available to the public. More details on accessing this information can be found in our Public Notice below.

Accessibility of SARA Title III Hazardous Substance Information

Section 324 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, also known as SARA Title III (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, PL99-499) requires public notice at least once annually informing the public of the means to access information about extremely hazardous substances that are manufactured, stored, and used within their community. Follow-up emergency notices may subsequently be issued. Accordingly, information concerning LEPC meetings, SARA Title III hazardous materials planning which is included in our Reno County Emergency Operations Response Plan, materials safety data sheets (MSDS/SDS), hazardous chemical inventory forms, listing extremely hazardous substances manufactured, stored, or used within Reno County can be obtained during normal business hours by contacting Reno County Emergency Management at 206 W 1st Avenue, Hutchinson, KS 67501, by phone at 620-694-2975, or by email.