Complaints & Compliments

Citizen Complaint Process

The primary role of the Reno County Sheriff’s Office is to provide a high level of safety, security, and service to all citizens of the community. Its employees are committed to maintaining the highest level of professional conduct and ethics.

Since the effectiveness of any law enforcement agency is dependent upon public approval and acceptance of police authority, the department must be responsible to the community of Reno County by providing formal procedures for the processing of complaints from the public regarding the performance of individual deputies.

The Reno County Sheriff’s Office will not accept complaints in regard to guilt or innocence in traffic cases or criminal offenses. Those matters are left for the proper judicial court to decide.

How to File a Complaint

A person wishing to file a complaint is encouraged to appear in person at the Sheriff’s Office and speak to an on-duty shift commander or supervisor. On occasion, due to a misunderstanding of policy or procedure, a complaint can be resolved by the commander / supervisor.

Citizen's Complaint Form

If a resolution at the supervisory level is not possible or if a person is uncomfortable coming to the Law Enforcement Center, a Citizen’s Complaint Form can be obtained online or in Hutchinson at the following locations:

A complaint form can also be obtained by mail by contacting the undersheriff at 620-694-2735. Upon completion, the form should be forwarded to the sheriff at the Reno County Sheriff’s Office.

On the Citizen Complaint Form you will notice that a question is asked if you prefer that the NAACP be informed of the complaint. If you check “yes” the Sheriff’s Office will contact the local NAACP office and notify them of the complaint. The department will keep them informed of the progress and outcome of the complaint.

Investigative Procedure

Investigations will be conducted by the sheriff or an officer designated by him/her. The Reno County Sheriff’s Office will investigate all complaints, excluding criminal matters, directed to the sheriff concerning officer misconduct or wrongdoing. Criminal matters will be referred to the Reno County District Attorney’s Office and/or an outside law enforcement agency.

Division Level

Other less serious allegations may be directed to the division or shift commander for review and investigation.

Disposition of Complaints

Upon completion of the investigation, a report will be prepared describing the complaint and the results of the investigation. The completed investigation is reviewed by the sheriff. Complaints that are substantiated may result in disciplinary action. When an investigation determines that there is not sufficient evidence to support the allegations, the investigation is closed and no further action is taken. Our investigative procedure not only subjects a department member to corrective or disciplinary action when warranted, but also protects the member from unwarranted criticism when a member has acted properly.

In the event that you should initiate a complaint, you will be informed, in writing, of the investigation results by the sheriff or his/her designee. It should be noted that the sheriff cannot provide you with specific information regarding disciplinary actions taken against an employee.