Women, Infants, Children (WIC)

WIC Program Now Available Without Physical Presence - See Press Release for More Information.

WIC can help you:

  • Stretch the money you earn
  • Get nutritious food for you and your family
  • Give your children a head start on good health

Do you qualify?

Visit KansasWIC.org to find out.

WIC Food Assistance

WIC approved foods are good sources of important nutrients. No single food supplies all the nutrients you need, so eat many different foods every day to stay healthy. WIC Food Packages provide a variety of foods but not everything you need. Adding your WIC foods to foods you usually eat will help you have a healthier diet. The food package you receive depends upon whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and the age of your child. View the approved WIC packages for the state of Kansas.

WIC Breastfeeding Class

Are you pregnant or interested in breastfeeding? Are you breastfeeding now, but have questions about it? This nutrition session presents a variety of topics from how to get off to a good start to how to continue breastfeeding when you start back to work or school. All classes are for WIC participants. Classes will be held at the Reno County Health Department. Please check in at the west reception desk.


Get free messages each week on your cell phone to help you through your pregnancy and your baby’s first year. Text4baby is an educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.