Department Overview

The Reno County Maintenance and Purchasing Department is responsible for daily maintenance of the county’s facilities, performing a wide variety of services in support of the overall mission and purpose of Reno County’s effort to serve our community. The Purchasing division maintains and distributes an inventory of office, general, and custodial supplies to all other departments, and is available to assist them with research and finding the best possible value for special order items as the need arises.


The mission of the Maintenance Department is to:

  • Keep county buildings in the best state of repair possible
  • Maintain extensive preventive maintenance schedule
  • Identify and locate small problems before they become large and costly emergencies
  • Provide courier services as needed to all departments
  • Obtain good quality purchased items at lowest possible cost


The purpose of the Maintenance Department is to:

  • Act as caretaker of all buildings and grounds
  • Oversee capital improvements
  • Perform renovations
  • Perform changes and maintenance to most county-owned facilities

Maintain County Buildings

The department maintains county buildings such as the:

  • Reno County Courthouse
  • Law Enforcement Center
  • Reno County Correctional Facility
  • Health Department and EMS
  • Extension Office
  • Automotive Shop
  • R-cat / Dept. of Aging
  • Community Corrections / Court Services / State Parole
  • Youth Shelter & Detention Facility
  • Courthouse Annex
  • Solid Waste Scale House and Shop Building
  • Maintenance Office & Shop Buildings
  • Gun Range House

Types of Maintenance

  • Plumbing, electrical, painting, minor carpentry repairs, grounds
  • Custodial services
  • HVAC service and repair
  • Building automation systems
  • Key and lock repair
  • Detention and security equipment
  • Responsible for purchase of office and custodial supplies for county departments