Available Records

Public records are available through the following:

  • Public computer (3rd floor of the Reno County Courthouse) from January 1992 to current
  • Online at Kansas District Court Records
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigations
  • Department of Motor Vehicles

View the Kansas District Court Records at this site. All records and cases filed for Reno County begin April 1, 2003.


All public record requests for which case numbers are provided require an upfront fee for the following:

  • Requests are $14.92 per hour
  • Copies are $.25 per page
  • Certifications are $1 per certification

A case number must be provided for all record requests. Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 156 dated October 25, 2000 states that persons requesting criminal record searches for employment, credit, or the like shall be referred to the executive branch agency most likely to have centralized reference files, e.g. the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Division of Vehicles. Requests for cases that have been stored in the underground vaults and storage are $25.

Send requests of case numbers with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Clerk of the District Court
Attn: Records
206 W 1st Avenue
Hutchinson, KS 67501