Disabled Placard & Plate Applications

An application for a disabled placard or plate can be made at the local tag office. You can pick up a form to be filled out by a licensed physician. A handicap placard or license plate can only be issued after the completed form is submitted.

Handicap Placard

The handicap placard hangs from the rear view mirror of the vehicle while parked. The placard can be placed in any vehicle in which a handicapped individual needs accessibility. Placards expire every 5 years. A re-certification letter will be sent out from the office in Topeka before the placard is due to expire so that it can be renewed. The re-certification letter must be signed by the disabled person prior to renewal.

Handicap License Plate

When applying for a handicap license plate, the current plate on the vehicle to be tagged must be exchanged for the handicap plate.