Truck / Trailers Over 12,000 Pounds Calendar Year

Trucks and/or trailers over 12,000 pounds run on a calendar year system unlike other vehicles. All heavy truck and trailer tags expire on December 31 of the calendar year. There is a grace period after the tag expires for renewal. The renewals will be sent out on January 1 and then may be renewed until February 28.

Heavy trucks pulling a trailer must have a tag that covers the weight of the truck, trailer, and any load on the truck and trailer. If renewing by mail, please allow seven days for processing.

Heavy Use Tax Form

Any heavy truck tagged over 54,000 pounds will also be subject to filing a Heavy Use Tax Form (form 2290) with the IRS. A copy of the heavy use filing is required at the time of renewal. This applies to all trucks tagged over 54,000 pounds, including those exempt due to farm use.

Trucks that have had the weight lowered at renewal time and increased later in the year to 54,000 pounds and up will also be required to file the Heavy Use Tax Form.

Additional Information

When lowering the truck weight at renewal time, a semi truck can be lowered to a minimum weight of 24,000 pounds.

Any truck trailer with apportioned tags is to be processed through the Motor Carrier Office in Topeka. Proof of property tax payment is required at the time of renewal for heavy trucks or trailers. When renewing a vehicle where property taxes are state assessed, a copy of the state assessment is required at time of renewal.