Placement Reasons

Youth placed in the juvenile detention center are either Juvenile Offenders, alleged Juvenile Offenders, or alleged Children in Need of Care. Alleged Children in Need of Care can be held in detention, under certain circumstances, for a maximum of 24 hours. The detention center is a temporary residence for youth:

  • Awaiting bond or release to parents
  • Awaiting court proceedings
  • serving DUI sentences
  • Awaiting placement in a juvenile correctional facility
  • Serving sanctions for a court ordered period of time
  • Awaiting transportation to another State via the Interstate Compact for Juveniles

The youth in the shelter are all children in need of care. They can be placed in the shelter by law enforcement agencies as a temporary protective measure while problems are being addressed in their home. They can also be placed by Saint Francis Community Services so that the youths can work on program plans designed to fit their individual needs with the ultimate goal of independent living or reintegration with their families.