Common Tag Guidelines

Like them or not, we are required to follow state laws when registering vehicles.  Here are answers to some basic questions we receive.

  • I lost or did not receive my renewal for my vehicles. You can find a copy of your renewal notice at  enter your tag number and you can print a copy.
  •  What should I bring to for my yearly renewal?  If you received the notice from the state, bring in that paper and proof of current insurance.  If you did not receive the state notice, you can bring in last years registration notice or give us your tag numbers and current insurance.      
  • What should I bring to register a newly purchased vehicle?  Title, Current Insurance, Current Driver's License, Sales Tax Receipt, Inspection slip for an out of state title and any paperwork you received from a dealership. Please leave dealership paperwork attached.
  • What do I need to get a 60 day temporary tag?  You can purchase a temporary tag after you buy a vehicle.
  • Can I use a credit or debit card?  Yes, you will be charged a 2.5% transaction fee.
  • Do I need a title?  Yes.  Unless it is specialty vehicle.
  • Do I need proof of insurance?  Yes, always.  We cannot register or renew a vehicle without proof of current insurance.
  • Do I need insurance for my trailer?  Yes.  Either insurance on the trailer or insurance on the pulling vehicle.
  • Do I need a Bill of Sale?  Yes and no.  If the back of the title is completed properly, no you will not need a Bill of Sale.  If the sale date, price or signatures are incorrect, you will need additional paperwork.
  • Can I use white-out or markers to cover a mistake on a title?  NO!  Do not correct the title yourself.  We have forms to correct common errors.
  • How many times can I use the same title?  Once for individual to individual sales.  Other rules apply for licensed dealerships.
  • How many cars can I sell without a dealer license?  5 per calendar year. 
  • How do I know if my vehicle is an Antique?  The vehicle must be 35 years old and the drive train, transmission, engine, body, wheels and tires and frame are all original.