Controlled Burn Guidelines

These guidelines cover open burning and field type fires. Open burning includes brush, trash, and debris piles, as well as vegetation residue and dried plant growth collected and piled. Field fires are the burning of cultivated crop residue, pasture, CRP, and other similar types of materials. Fires such as those conducted in a fireproof container with ember restricting cover, fire pits, warming fires, camp fires, or other recreational fires are exempt from these guidelines.

Approval for controlled burns may be provided if the following guidelines are met:

  • Contact 911 within 30 minutes of starting to burn to obtain approval
  • No burn ban is in effect
  • The wind speed (including gusts) is less than 15mph
  • The Grassland Fire Danger Index is not Very High or Extreme
  • A fire break of at least 20 feet is provided on all sides of the field to be burned
  • Clearance of 100 feet from all structures is maintained
  • The burn shall be supervised by a responsible adult until the threat of fire is diminished