STOPPEDReno County law enforcement agencies invite you to bring home a community effort and reduce young driver accidents.

Working with parents, young driver's accidents can be STOPPED. According to the National Center for Health Statistics "Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for persons between 15 to 20 years of age".

About the Program

Reno County law enforcement is pleased to introduce the STOPPED program, a parental notification system developed to help reduce the number of young drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents.

STOPPED SignYoung Drivers Statistics
Annually, over 3,000 drivers between 16 and 18 years of age die in the United States as a result of car accidents.

In Reno County, young drivers represent 16% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes and 28% of all drivers involved in personal injury automobile accidents. Reno County law enforcement offers parents this voluntary notification system to extend their watchful eyes and raise the awareness of drivers under the 18 years of age.

On Your Mark
Parents voluntarily register with the Reno County Sheriff's Department any motor vehicle that will be operated by a driver under the age of 18.

Rear WindowGet Set
An identification decal is issued and affixed to the lower left corner of the rear window of each registered vehicle (shown on the right).

If for any reason the registered vehicle, when operated by a driver under the age of 18, is stopped by an officer, the officer will complete a notification cared providing the following information:
  • The time and location of the stop
  • The driver's name and number of passengers
  • The reason for the stop
  • Whether any traffic tickets were issued
Notifications will be mailed directly to parents to make them aware of potential problems and enable them to enforce any parental rules that often coexist with teenage driving privileges.

Reno County BadgesAdditional Information
Your teenager may borrow the keys to the family care, but as parents you hold the keys to their future.

Please join the STOPPED Program and let law enforcement become your partner in promoting young driver safety. For further information on our program, please contact your local police department or contact the Reno County Sheriff's Office at 620-694-2735.


The STOPPED Program is sponsored by:
  • Reno County Police Department
  • Hutchinson Police Department
  • Reno County
  • District Attorney's Office
  • South Hutchinson Police Department
  • Nickerson Police Department
  • Haven Police Department
  • Buhler Police Department
  • Central Printing