Noxious Weed Division

The County Noxious Weed Division was established to enforce the Kansas Noxious Weed Law (KSA 2-1314) within the boundaries of Reno County.  We treat all noxious weeds found on county right of way and property and contract with the Kansas Department of Transportation to treat noxious weeds.  We also share the cost of herbicides required by landowners in the county to treat noxious weeds on their property.  

Herbicide control products can only be purchased for land in Reno County.  The cost share program is for noxious weeds only.

An applicators license is needed to apply a restricted use pesticide (RUP).  The only RUP that we sell is Tordon 22K. You must have a private applicator license to apply Tordon 22K.  You can apply for a private applicators license at the Reno County Extension Office.

Noxious weeds most likely to be found in Reno County:  Field Bindweed, Johnson Grass, Musk Thistle, and Sericea Lespedeza.