Upcoming Elections

2017 City/School Candidate List

There will be no Primary Election held in Reno County.
The General Election will be held November 7th, 2017.

The filing Deadline for the Upcoming 2017 City/School Election is June 1st at Noon.

All local candidates must file with the County Clerks Office. The filing fees have changed.
1st Class Cities:   $20.00 + $50.00 report fee = $70.00
All other City/School filings are $20.00

To find out when the next upcoming elections are and who will be running in them please visit in the Kansas Secretary of State website. The website is a great tool to help you find more registration information and polling locations in your area.

Preview Ballot and Voter Registration Information and your voting location.

Recent Elections

A summary of the participants of the most recent elections can be found online.




The following is a list of elected officials for cities, districts, townships, and the state.

Political Party Officers

Voter Registration

Visit the voter registration website to download a form that you can fill out, print, sign, and mail or drop by the election office at your convenience. You can also register online. You should register if you:
  • Just moved into Reno County
  • Just turned 18 years old or will be 18 before the next election
  • Just became a United States citizen
  • Have never voted before in Reno County
If you are already registered, you should re-register if you:
  • Moved within Reno County
  • Changed your name
  • Want to change your party affiliation

Registration Locations

Voter registration provided by the following offices during regular business hours: 
  • County Clerk's Office - 125 W. 1st, Hutchinson
  • Driver’s License office - 125 W. 2nd, Suite A, Hutchinson
  • Hutchinson Public Library - 901 N. Main, Hutchinson
  • City offices of all 14 cities in Reno County
    • Abbyville
    • Arlington - 111 E Main
    • Buhler - 219 N. Main
    • Haven - 120 S. Kansas
    • Hutchinson - 125 East B
    • Langdon - 18 S. Front Street
    • Nickerson - 15 N. Nickerson
    • Partridge
    • Plevna - 301 S. Main
    • Pretty Prairie - 119 W. Main
    • South Hutchinson - 2 S. Main
    • Sylvia
    • Turon
    • Willowbrook
A complete list of voting locations can be found online.

Voter Registration Facts

  • Approximately 41,000 registered voters in the county
  • An average of 4,000 registration cards processed annually
  • Voter registration cards are filed in office as original documents
  • Voter information is maintained on computer
  • Voter registration lists generated from computer files
  • Voter history maintained on computer